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Why We Do What We Do

Small- to medium-sized congregations are the lifeline of the Church

Small churches have fewer than 50 people attending services each Sunday. Medium churches average between 51 and 300 attendees each Sunday. These churches lack the resources to fund staff, coaching, consulting, and technology. That’s why we do what we do.

Our passion is serving congregations and leaders. We want to assist churches with revitalization, growth, and operations. We do this through on-site consultations, on-site training, and one-on-one coaching.

Church Consulting ABC's...

  • Aware of the state of the church
  • Believes that God is not done using this church
  • Understands that Change is necessary to continue God’s work through this church
  • AdminIQ Consulting has been working with churches and leaders for over two decades.

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    Sonya D. Jackson MBA, PMP, CCC

    Lead Consultant


    Sonya D. Jackson MBA, PMP, CCC
    Lead Consultant

    Sonya is a trained church consultant and is an expert in Church Administration and Organization. She has been certified as a Church Consultant through the Church Answers Certification Program taught by Thom Rainer. Sonya has a passion for helping churches and leaders fulfill their Kingdom mandate. This passion led her to start AdminIQ Consulting, a consulting organization that focuses on assisting small- to medium-sized churches at an affordable rate.

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